Long Time No See

I have been neglecting this blog but I gave it a little makeover and plan to be using it more. So since I last posted I moved in with my cousin and have finished school. I am now in the extern portion of the program and after that I will be a DENTAL ASSISTANT!!! Yay! So I have been busy busy. BUT from now on I will be trying to document some of my better days here in Washington. Stay tuned!



Suds an addiction

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My crazy insane life

Ok so i am addicted to lotions and sprays and body care. I have always been a long time Lush buyer of course. They smell nice and they look nice. I still will always purchase my vanilla bean  spray, i cannot live with out that. But ive been finding the soaps to dry my skin out way too much. I just do not want to spend all this money on pretty and smelling good soap for dried out bad skin.

With that said i have been on the look out for an all natural product that will leave my skin healthy and soft and not dried out. I have found my cure. My Soap, a product made by goats milk and all had made. http://www.mysoapusa.com/ heres the link. Not only are the prices fare but i know where the product is coming from and they look and smell nice. The…

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Cowboys and Creeps

Howdy y’all. I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks so I thought I would share this concert I went to with you guys. Now let me start by saying I hate country music. I just don’t care for the music. Well my cousins step dad got us free Kenny Chesney tickets. Now I know what you are thinking at this point…why would you even go you hate country music and yes this is true but I love free stuff more than I hate country music. I also love any excuse to go to Seattle which is where the concert was held. So we got four tickets and we decided to invite my friend Jamie who is totally into the music. I kind of already knew what to expect going to a Kenny Chesney concert…cowboys, honkey tonk hillbillies, and cowboy boots but if was on such a grand scale that I went into a sort of culture shock. So many cowboy hats everywhere and you’d think every girl in Washington owned cowboy boots.


The concert was held at century link field (where the sounders play!) and unfortunately our seats were in two different areas so my cousins went in one direction and Jamie and I in another.

ImageThere were a couple of bands that played before Kenny and Jamie knew all of them but I was really just people watching instead of listening to the music.

ImageThere I saw this beef cake and believe me he wasn’t the only guy there that looked like this.  Their pants were practically painted on and they all had women in daisy dukes and tiny dresses flashing there vaginas to the world.


We took a moment to snap this lovely shot.

ImageThen Eric Church came on and it was like somebody turned the honkey meter up. Jamie knew like every word to every song he sang and tried to convince me that this man is sexy.

ImageThis my reaction to and country music.


ImageFinally the moment came for Kenny to come out. At this point two seats had freed up next to my cousins so Jamie and I moved.

ImageThis girl was front row at the concert and she had skipped her senior prom to go to the concert so Kenny pulled her up on stage and danced with her.

ImageAbout halfway through Kenny’s set this guy standing next to Jamie started to lean really close to her and grabbed her butt. He then switched place with his friend and I made the mistake of making eye contact with him so he moved Jamie out of the way and came and put his arm around me. He was a total creep so we left. On our way out a drunk guy told my cousin she had nice tits so I gave him stank eye and we left.

ImageOut on the street they were selling hot dogs and I was starving so I inhaled it.

All in all a pretty eventful night and I loved it. The air smelt of beer and sweat and I was in the city with my besties. Can’t complain. But I still hate country music!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there…but especially to my mommy. I told that woman to get pretty because we are going to take pictures today and she told me that she would do it tomorrow. My mother sigh. So I had to dig for some old photos. and take pictures by myself.

ImageMy mommy ❤

ImageAnd since my mom didn’t take photos with me..this is what happened instead.

Happy Mother’s Day. All you moms are amazing. I hate kids

Summer Jam

So my cousin is a huge fan of Trey Songz so when she heard he was going to be at summer jam she started calling Kube 93.3 for tickets. Now if all this is sounding foreign to you that is because this is a Seattle/ Washington thing. Kube 93.3 is a radio station and every year they host Summer Jam. This big concert during the summer. Now that you are up to date back to the matter at hand. So my cousin would call every hour on the day of. Eventually she won two sets of tickets so we had to go to Seattle yesterday to pick them up so I documented the experience :p

This is me on the drive out there 🙂


Both my cousins. The one on the right loves Trey Songz. The one on the left wants to go to the One Direction and Justin Timberlake concerts with me Image

It was weirdly foggy when we rolled in..but this is the Space Needle..yes the car window was dirtyImage

and finally…SUMMER JAM TICKETS!!!!!!Image



Now my cousin still isn’t satisfied with just going to Summer Jam..she is still trying to win the backstage pass to meet Trey Songz. Also while posting these pictures I realized I didn’t really document this moment very well so I’m a little disappointed with myself but no matter I shall do better in the future. Have a swell day everyone!

Treats from Tokyo! (Giveaway!)

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Ghibli Museum

On my third trip to Japan I went to the Ghibli Museum which is in Mitaka. Now if you are reading this post and asking yourself what is Ghibli just watch Ponyo, Totoro and my personal favorite Howl’s Moving Castle and then you will understand. I found some pictures from the museum the other day so I thought I would share. All of the pictures are from outside the museum because photography is not allowed inside.

ImageIt started with a long walk from the subway station along the edge of a park….

ImageBut we finally arrived.









pumping water water face howls crys and stairs robot me sam

Hope you enjoyed..maybe you can visit it one day too!